Yeti Finance
Bug Bounty Program
Security is Yeti Finance's top priority. We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in security in efforts to create a truly innovative decentralized borrowing protocol and have had an extensive number of audits from firms and independent auditors alike. Audits here.
We are committed to providing a secure system to our users and have created the Yeti Finance Bug Bounty Program - a highly incentivized bounty with a maximum payout of $1,000,000.
Our lucrative bug bounty program rewards anyone who is able to find a security issue or critical vulnerability within our codebase.
The payouts can be in either USDC, YUSD, YETI, or a combination of all three. For payouts in YETI, the maximum amount per month is $50,000 in YETI. So for a $100,000 bug disclosure, $50,000 YETI will be sent in Month 1 and $50,000 YETI will be sent in Month 2. Yeti Finance will determine the payout currency with the bounty winner’s preference in mind.
If you find any bugs or serious vulnerabilities in Yeti Finance's codebase, please email [email protected] for disclosures or contact @RoboYeti or @TrucoYeti on telegram.
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