The Dashboard

This page will give a description of the DASHBOARD page.


The Dashboard displays a quick overview of the Borrow, Pool, and Stake Tabs. Refer to the dashboard to see all your positions neatly in one place.

Borrow Summary

The Borrow Summary highlights your Collateralization Ratio, Borrowed YUSD, and Total Collateral. It also displays the System Collateral Ratio. If you want to learn more the importance of the system collateral ratio, click here.

To learn more about how to adjust your Trove, add collateral types, or borrow YUSD, see the Borrowing section for more information.

Pool Summary

The Pool Summary highlights the amount of YUSD you have deposited in the Stability Pool and the amount of YUSD in your wallet. To learn more about how to deposit YUSD in the pool, go to Stability Pool for more information.

Stake Summary

The Stake Summary highlights the amount of veYETI you've accumulated. Go to Staking Yeti on how to stake Yeti and Tokenomics to learn about veYETI use cases.

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