Opening a Trove

This page will explain how to open a Trove and borrow YUSD

Depositing Collateral and Borrowing YUSD

Head over to to get started.

To open your Trove, Click Add Collateral Type

A modal will popup with different collateral types that you can deposit onto Yeti Finance as well as the associated Safety Ratio and Wallet Balance.

Across the top, you will see:

  • Token - The name of the tokens you can use as collateral to borrow YUSD.

  • Safety Ratio - This is related to how risky a collateral is. Stablecoin collateral will have a ratio of between 1 and 1.1 while all non-stablecoin collaterals will have a safety ratio between 0 and 1. Higher-risk collaterals have a lower safety ratio and are given a lower weight when calculating the risk adjusted value of your trove.

    • Risk Adjusted Value = Safety Ratio * Price * Collateral Amount.

    • More details here.

  • Wallet Balance - The amount of each collateral type you have in your connected wallet.

Adding Collateral Types

To add a collateral type, select the collaterals you want to add to your trove, and click Add.

Adjusting Your Trove

Now, you can see the addition of your Deposit Fee, APY, Wallet Balance, Actions, and Adjusted Trove Amount for each collateral type you have added.

  • Deposit Fee - This represents the approximate one-time fee that the protocol will charge for depositing collateral into Yeti Finance. This is separate from the one-time borrowing fee which is assessed on YUSD debt. At launch, all collateral deposit fees will be 1% until enough assets have backed the system. More info about fee specifics for each collateral can be found here.

  • APY - The estimated annual percentage yield gained from depositing yield bearing assets. You will still earn the estimated APY from your yield-bearing tokens that are deposited in your Trove! For non yield-bearing tokens, the APY will say N/A.

  • Actions - The column to adjust the amount of each collateral you want to put in your trove. Click between the deposit and withdraw buttons and enter the necessary amount.

  • Adjust Trove Amount - The amount of each collateral your Trove would have after adjustments.

How to use the Actions Column

Use the Actions column to adjust how much of each collateral you are willing to deposit or withdraw.

Press the green 'Deposit' button for deposits and the red 'Withdraw' button for withdrawals (i.e the picture below shows a case where $1500 is being withdrawn for the top collateral type and $1,500 is being deposited the bottom collateral type)

To borrow or withdraw YUSD, use the Actions column to adjust the borrow amount and click Confirm Changes on the bottom right of the site.

New Risk Adjusted Value and New Collateral Ratio are there to visually represent what your updated value of your Trove weighted by risk would be, as well as the ratio between the risk-adjusted value of your Trove over your debt in YUSD.

Keep in mind that in order to open a Trove, you must borrow a minimum of 2000 + fees in YUSD

Confirming Changes

Once you click Confirm Changes, another modal will pop up like the image below.

It's a quick summary that displays the collateral types and the respective amounts that you're depositing/withdrawing, how much YUSD you are borrowing/repaying, and all the fees associated with this process.

Be sure to read and check the two statements before you approve of the changes!

When you're ready, click Confirm to finish the borrowing process. To learn more about how to manage your trove after opening it, head over to Managing Your Trove.

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