Using Yeti Finance Testnet

Step 1: Setup MetaMask

Log in to MetaMask -> Click the Network drop-down -> Select Custom RPC (or Add Network)

Copy and Paste in Avalanche FUJI Testnet Settings:

Step 2: Funding your C-Chain address

Using Test Network Faucet

To get AVAX on the Fuji testnet network, you can use the Test Network Faucet. Navigate to and paste your C-Chain address. The faucet will send the testnet AVAX to your address on the C-Chain. Click the captcha checkbox and select 'Request AVAX' button. Your address will receive test AVAX in a few seconds. You can request 10 test AVAX every hour.

Voila! Your Avalanche Fuji Testnet Wallet is now funded with Testnet AVAX.

Step 3: Use your Testnet AVAX to play around on our Testnet

Our Testnet is deployed on the Avalanche Fuji Network which means the testnet AVAX you received from the faucet can be used to pay for transactions and interact with Yeti Finance's testnet deployment.

Access the testnet using this link:

Start minting USDC, WAVAX, WETH, JOE, WETH/AVAX JLP, and DANGER to play around with Yeti Finance's Testnet! We have provided 'Mint' functionality on the top right corner of the navbar where you can acquire testnet versions of collateral assets which can be used to open a trove on Yeti Finance.

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