Yeti Calculator

This page will explain how to navigate through the Yeti Finance Calculator

What is the Yeti Calculator?

The Yeti Calculator is the best way to visually see all the factors involved when opening or managing a Trove. We recommend playing around with the Yeti Calculator before opening serious positions on Yeti Finance.

The Yeti Calculator is not by any means financial advice or a replacement for proper research.

Instead, use the Yeti Calculator to visualize possible liquidation scenarios rather than forgoing research.

To get started, head over to

Trove Collateral Simulator

The Trove Collateral Simulator can be used to simulate different collateral price impacts on your Trove.

If you've already opened a Trove, the default state would show the collaterals and balances in your Trove.

Hit Add Collateral Type to start adding different collaterals to the Yeti Calculator.

  • Collateral - The names of collateral in your Trove/simulation.

  • Balance - The number of each tokens in your Trove.

  • Current Price - The market price of the collateral asset.

  • Price Slider - Simulate the price changes of the collateral in your Trove.

  • Price - The simulated price of the collateral in your Trove.

  • Safety Ratio - The ratio that weights the collateral based on risk. Higher-risk collaterals have a lower safety ratio and are given a lower weight when calculating the risk adjusted value of your trove.

  • Risk Adjusted Value - The weighted value of your collateral based on safety ratio. Risk Adjusted Value = Balance * Price * Safety Ratio.

Add Collateral Type

The Add Collateral Type modal will pop up and show Token, Safety Ratio, and Wallet Balance. Select the collaterals you want to play around with and hit the Add button afterwards.

Afterwards, you can see all the different collateral types you have added. Now you can play around by changing the balances for each collateral and either use the slide to adjust the prices or enter an amount in the boxes.

Remember that Weighted Collateral Value is equal to the Balance * Price * Safety Ratio of the collateral in your Trove.

Click the Reset button to go back to the default state. If you have a Trove open, the default state would be the assets and the amount in your Trove.

Overall Stats

The Overall Stats section shows Overall Trove Stats, Debt, Summary, Total Weighted Collateral Value, Total YUSD Debt, and Individual Collateral Ratio.

Adjust the Overall Trove Stats and Debt to see changes in your Total Weighted Collateral Value and Individual Collateral Ratio.

  • Overall Trove Stats - A slider that simulates the overall change of your Trove excluding stablecoins.

  • Debt - A slider to adjust the amount of YUSD you can borrow, with the bounds being the minimum and maximum amount you can borrow.

  • Total Risk Adjusted Value - The total weighted value of the Trove based on risk.

  • Individual Collateral Ratio - Your Trove's collateral ratio and the Risk Adjusted Value of your Trove over the total YUSD debt. Remember to keep it above 110% to avoid liquidations.

  • Summary - The summary explains the percentage that your simulated Trove would have to decrease by to liquidatable.

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