Yeti Finance

Staking in the Stability Pool

Stake YUSD to receive YETI tokens and a share of the liquidation profits.

Depositing YUSD in the Stability Pool

The Stability Pool is the first line of defense in maintaining system solvency. Users can stake their YUSD in the Stability Pool to help repay the debts of liquidated Troves that fall under the minimum 110% collateral ratio.
Over time Stability Providers lose a pro-rata share of their YUSD deposits, but are expected to make liquidation gains and receive early adopter rewards in form of YETI tokens.
To learn more about how the Stability Pool works, please refer to the technical documentations here.
To get started, head over to

Depositing in Stability Pool

Users can stake YUSD in the Stability Pool section to receive YETI tokens and liquidation profits based on your percentage of YUSD staked in the entire pool.
  • New Total Deposit - The total amount of YUSD you will have staked after adjustment.
  • New Estimated Weekly Rewards - A weekly estimation of rewards you will receive based on the share of YUSD you have staked in the pool. The more YUSD you deposit, the higher the estimated rewards.
  • Yeti Reward - Your estimated Annual Percentage Rate by staking YUSD in the Stability Pool.
Press Stake when you are ready to stake YUSD into the pool. The Confirm Stake modal will pop and ask you to stake for the transaction to go through.

Unstaking from the Stability Pool

To unstake your YUSD from the Stability Pool, make sure the Unstake button is highlighted and enter the amount in YUSD that you want to withdraw. Once you are ready to unstake, click the Unstake button.
Hitting the Unstake button will open the Confirm Unstake modal. Click Unstake to finish withdrawing your YUSD in the stability pool.

Your Balance

This section keeps track of Total Deposited, Pool Share, and Rewards Earned.
  • Total Deposited - The amount of YUSD you have deposited into the Stability Pool
  • Pool Share - The percentage of YUSD you have deposited compared to the amount of YUSD in the entire pool. (i.e. if you deposited 100 YUSD and there is 10,000 YUSD in the pool, your Pool Share is 1%)
  • Rewards Earned - The total value of rewards in YETI that you have earned so far.

Rewards Breakdown

To see how your rewards have been distributed, click on View Rewards for more information.

Claim All Rewards

After clicking View Rewards, a modal should pop up like the image below.
On the modal, you will see the list the different collaterals obtained from liquidations and your YETI rewards.
You can choose to Claim All Rewards.
  • Claim All Rewards - Claim all the rewards accumulated over your staking period.
Whenever you are ready to collect your rewards, click the Claim All button.