Yeti Finance

How to get YETI / YUSD

Please review Disclaimer: Risk of Using Protocol and Terms of Service before using the Yeti Finance and/or interacting with YETI or YUSD. Yeti Finance & YETI/YUSD are not avaliable in the U.S.

Obtaining YUSD

Borrow YUSD through Yeti Finance

One way to obtain YUSD is by opening up a trove and borrowing YUSD against your collateral. To learn more about the borrowing process, click on Borrowing. Head over to to get started.

Swapping for YUSD

Another way you can obtain YUSD is by swapping through DEXs such as Trader Joe and Curve. At launch, utilize Trader Joe's YUSD-AVAX pool and Curve's YUSD pool for quick and efficient swapping. These pools will have deep liquidity over time due to highly lucrative rewards for liquidity providers. To learn more about LP rewards, head over to Tokenomics.

Obtaining YETI

Farming YETI

Yeti Finance will hold a incentivized farming launch and suggest that users provide liquidity to earn YETI. This means that providing liquidity and staking YUSD will be highly incentivized with YETI rewards. To learn more about how YETI will be distributed, the use cases for YETI, and total supply of YETI, head over to Tokenomics.
As a brief summary, YETI is earned in 4 ways at launch:
  1. 1.
    Staking YUSD into the Stability Pool.
  2. 2.
    Providing liquidity for the YUSD:AVAX pool on Trader Joe.
  3. 3.
    Providing liquidity for YETI:AVAX pool on Trader Joe.
  4. 4.
    Providing liquidity for YUSD on Curve.
Single sided YETI staking for more YETI will also enabled soon after launch.

Swapping for YETI

Another easy way to obtain YETI is by heading over to Trader Joe and swapping AVAX for YETI using Trader Joe's YETI-AVAX pool.
At launch, Yeti Finance will also be seeding the YETI-AVAX pool in order to establish some price stability.