Yeti Finance

Providing Liquidity on DEXs

Please review Disclaimer: Risk of Using Protocol and Terms of Service before using the Yeti Finance and/or interacting with YETI or YUSD. Yeti Finance & YETI/YUSD are not avaliable in the U.S.

Providing Liquidity at Launch

Yeti Finance will have pools on Trader Joe, Curve, and potentially future pools on other DEXs. At launch, a significant portion of YETI distributions will go to liquidity providers in the Trader Joe and Curve pools, with the biggest focus on building deep YUSD liquidity on Curve.

Providing Liquidity on Trader Joe

A portion of YETI from the Community Incentives Allocation will be allocated to YUSD-AVAX and YETI-AVAX liquidity providers on Trader Joe. If you can't find the pool, copy-paste the YETI contract address in the search bar.
Users can earn LP rewards by doing the following:
  • Add liquidity to YUSD-AVAX or YETI-AVAX Trader Joe pools and get JLP tokens in exchange (Different than ETH-AVAX JLP Tokens).
  • Stake the YUSD or YETI JLP tokens on the Trader Joe website to earn JOE and YETI rewards.
  • Accrue rewards proportional to the amount of staked tokens and staking time.
Liquidity providers can unstake their YUSD-AVAX or YETI-AVAX JLP tokens to exit the program (i.e., stop earning rewards) whenever they want.

Providing Liquidity on Curve

A portion of YETI from the Community Incentives Allocation will be allocated to YUSD Curve liquidity providers.
Head over to to provide liquidity in the YUSD Curve pool.
The YUSD Curve pool consist of YUSD, USDC, and USDT. The 3 stablecoins are deposited into the Curve Pool for YUSD Curve Pool LP tokens. The Curve LP tokens accrues yield from trading fees, and can be additionally staked on the Yeti Finance frontend to receive YETI tokens. Click here to learn how to stake Curve LP tokens on Yeti Finance.
Let's look at how to provide liquidity on
You will see the list of pools and select the YUSD pool. (If you don't see the YUSD pool, click See All Pools.)
Selecting the YUSD pool will escort you to the Buy and Sell page.
This is where you can exchange between YUSD, USDC, and USDT. Head over to the Deposit page by clicking Deposit and provide liquidity in the YUSD Curve pool.
You do not have to provide liquidity in an equal ratio of YUSD:USDT:USDC, but may suffer from higher slippage in doing so.
To learn all the ways to obtain YETI, refer to How to get YETI/YUSD for information on the launch's farming distributions.
If you want to learn more about what you can do with YETI, go to Tokenomics.